Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Slipstream (1989)

Matt, a lame ass Lothario hanging out in a dive cafe, steals an android from a couple of police so he can collect the reward money for the murdering robot. He loads the android into his two seater and flies off  into the slipstream which blows through the barren lands of the post apocalyptic planet Earth.

The police don't cotton to some mullet haired loser taking their prisoner and chase after Matt, which sums up the rest of the movie.  Matt and the android make some stops, meet some people, bond, and fight off the police.  Then the police catch up, Matt flirts with the female officer,  Matt sleeps with a girl in the underground hidden society of rich people, and all hell breaks loose when the police catch up with them again.

You'd think an android, bounty hunter and police running around after the apocalypse would be interesting, but you'd be wrong.  It's all sort of dull and the characters have no charm.  The music is an often triumphant score such that you'd hear in a much better movie, and is totally inappropriate at the times it's used.  Music from the 1960s plays in the background every time they're in a strange bars (can't have a future movie without a strange bar).  Mark Hamill plays one of the police and Bill Paxton is mulleted Matt, our carefree penniless hero who is actually kind of annoying, due to his being smitten by his own charm.

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