Sunday, March 2, 2014

Knock Knock 2 (2011)

Four annoying twenty year olds decide to spend the night visiting the sites of famous murders in Los Angeles.  Essentially this means the viewer is watching home movies of these kids as they drive around in their car, read the history of the murders they printed off the internet, and then stand around on the sidewalk in front of the murder scenes while acting like idiots.

There are a few times where they venture down driveways, giggle, and dare each other to try the doorknobs, which makes them even bigger idiots since that would be breaking and entering.

If you're expecting excitement or scares in this film, you'd be sadly mistaken.  They don't even get into a bad situation until 50 minutes into the film, and even after that the only things that happens to them occur off screen. So other than one look at a ghost, who I mistook for one of the girls since she didn't look scary at all, there's nothing going on except an ineffective effort at psychological tension.

Ridiculous plot points provide a set up that is unsatisfying. The front door of the house they get locked in has no door knob on the inside. The house is for sale and there's no realtor in the world who wouldn't fix that issue.  Plus the windows are boarded up from the inside, and they try to rip the plywood off by pulling on it. Yet they aren't smart enough to realize that they would need to remove the 2x4s that are nailed into the wall over the plywood, prior to attempting to remove the plywood itself.

This is a sequel in name only as it has nothing to do with the first film, Knock Knock.  I have no idea why they would want to piggy back on that film since it wasn't the greatest film, but I guess I rented the movie, so what do I know.

Also if you have motion sickness, be prepared to feel a bit ill as the camera moves all over the place.  I'm not sure if they filmed this at any of the actual murder sites, but that would be a little more interesting if they did.

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