Monday, March 10, 2014

Cyborg Cop II (1994)

Jack Ryan and his ever present black leather fanny pack freak the hell out when his partner is killed by nutcase villain Starkraven.  So when Starkraven escapes from deathrow, Jack vows to track him down.

Little does Jack know that Starkraven has been sprung by the ATG, aka Anti Terrorist Group, which is part of the governments secret project to build a cyborg army. Oh yeah, here we go again.

The scientists have Starkraven and some other killers under control via wristbands. So all the scientists need to do to shut down the cyborgs is to press a button. That's good since the cyborgs are armed with flame throwers, lasers, and Gatling guns.  Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Except that it does because prior to the cyborgs being revived in  their resting chambers, Starkraven wakes up.  Then he takes control of the lab and in his stupid cyborg voice states that the cyborgs will be slaves no more. Well since he just woke up, that's a pretty quick revolution.

Now the cyborgs are on the loose and out of control. Good thing Jack and his black leather fanny pack are on the case.  Now if only someone would explain why he always wears that thing since he never takes anything out of it, and never puts anything into it.

Wearing denim chaps? Nope, it's a fanny pack.

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