Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Class of 1999 (1990)

In the future (ahem),  there are areas referred to as free fire zones where teenage gangs have taken over and the police refuse to go.  The Department of Education and Defense have been tasked with re-opening schools in these areas. So DED representative Dr. Forrest (played by Stacey Keach with white spiky hair and a rat tail)  works with school principal Dr. Langford to provide new teachers who are adept at handling troublemakers.  The new teachers are robots who appear to be human, and will do what's necessary to keep the peace.  Oh, nothing could possibly go wrong with that plan.

Meanwhile teen gangbanger Cody Culp is released from prison with instructions to stay out of trouble and go to school, or he'll be locked up again.  This proves to be difficult since Cody's younger brother is ready to join his gang the Blackhearts, and everyone expects Cody to pick up where he left off, which is fighting against rival gang the Razorheads.  Needless to say Cody is going to have to put up with a lot of crap from both gangs and no ones going to be happy with Cody's new crime free demeanor.

To complicate matters, Cody falls for good girl Christi, the principals daughter. This is not a popular decision with his old friends. When he gets into a fight to protect Christi, Cody comes under the gaze of the new teachers, who have started taking discipline to a new level due to some sort of malfunction, as all robots tend to do. When another student tries to intervene as the gym teacher is beating the hell out of Cody, he's killed. Now Cody just needs to convince the others that the new teachers are not what they appear to be.
Teenagers... of 1999
I love watching films about the future, especially when the projected future is in the past.  It seems strange that a film that came out in 1990 would have this Mad Max styled vision of only nine years in the future.   And any film with killer robots is worth a watch, especially when Pam Grier is one of them.  

Wardrobes.... of 1999
Haircuts... of 1999
Our hero and this little brother

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