Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes (2012)

A crew making a documentary go into the woods to meet Drybeck, an old guy who has a dead Bigfoot.  The deal is they give him $75,000 and he'll show them the body. They also need to leave their van behind, get in his jeep, put bags over their heads, and drive deep into the woods to his cabin. Well I don't see how anything could possibly go wrong here.

Leader and documentary host Sean, who ponied up the money,  thinks the whole thing is a hoax. No one shall ask why Sean paid $75,000 to a man he thinks is committing a hoax when he could have given $25 and a clean suit to a wino and gotten the same result.

Drybeck cautions everyone that they shouldn't be outside after dark.  Yet the group convinces him to film at a camp fire outside the cabin on the first night.  Noises in the woods force them inside and are followed by thumping on the cabin and something at the door.  Sean thinks this is all part of the hoax, and is even more skeptical when he asks to see the dead Bigfoot and Drybeck says they don't keep the body at the cabin. Sean may want to consider that if they did, it would stink in there.

The next day everything falls apart, which I would bet is fairly common on Bigfoot expeditions. People freak out. People disappear.  Someone is grabbed by something in the woods.  There's panic, shouting, and strange noises, plus a couple of injuries and general disintegration of all common sense.

It's your typical not so great found footage movie so you just know things won't turn out well for our intrepid youngish Bigfoot documentary skeptics.  The coolest thing about this movie is that Drybeck is played by Frank Ashmore, who was in Airplane, V, and The Clonus Horror.

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