Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our Robocop Remake (2103)

I'd never heard of this but one of my friends said we have to watch it.  The official synopis explains it better than I could:

‘Our RoboCop Remake’ is a crowd-sourced film project based on the 1987 Paul Verhoeven classic. Connected through various filmmaking channels (including Channel 101) we’re 50 filmmakers (amateur and professional) from Los Angeles and New York who have split the original RoboCop into individual pieces and have remade the movie ourselves. Not necessarily a shot-for-shot remake, but a scene-for-scene retelling. As big fans of the original RoboCop, and as filmmakers and film fans admittedly rolling our eyes at the Hollywood remake machine, we’ve elected to do this remake thing our own way.

I haven't seen Robocop in years so can't remember the details, but I'm guessing this remake would be even better if you are more familiar with the film.  Our Robocop Remake runs the gamut from hilariously funny to brilliantly original to meh.  The good news about this is since different filmmakers made each section, if one piece doesn't work for you a new one will be along shortly. 

Each filmmaker decided on the format of their piece. So we've got cartoons, live action, dance numbers, video game simulations, and puppets. There's also the most memorable scene where Robocop stops a sexual assault by shooting the  rapist in the genitals. A second later, there's another rapist getting ready to assault a woman.  Then another, and another, and soon rapists are jumping over fences to come to this isolated spot to be shot in the junk by Robocop.  It's so over the top, disgusting and ridiculous that it's funny.

There are some great props, silly  mustaches, ridiculous wigs, and some tin foil.  Even though there are some scenes that aren't that great, there are other scenes that work more than make up for it.  Definitely worth a watch.

You can find this on Vimeo and Youtube.  If you want to check it out, below is the one on youtube. Also here's a link to an article on making the movie:  We Talked to the Guys Who Made a Robocop Remake That's Full of Exploding Dicks

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