Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Anatomy (2000)

aka Anatomie

Paula, one of the top students in the country, is accepted into a prestigious medical school.  This annoys her father because he believed she was going to work with him at the clinic, but her grandfather is ecstatic because he also attended the university and is proud of her carrying on his legacy.

While traveling on the train, Paula sees Gretchen who attended the same college and finds she was also accepted at the same medical school. When a young man named David collapses near her, Paula revives him. He tells Gretchen and Paula that he has a rare medical condition which occasionally causes him to go into cardiac arrest and die.  Boy hungry Gretchen gives him her number and they plan to meet again.

A day or so later in anatomy class, Paula is startled to find that the cadaver in front of her on the table belongs to David.  She becomes focused on how he died and who transferred his body to the university.   Her professor is uninterested and tells her to concentrate on her studies. But Paula goes back to the lab that night to gather a sample to send to a friend for testing.  David's blood had a thick rubbery consistency and Paula wonders if they can pinpoint what is causing this.

While getting her sample, Paula notices David has some initials on his ankle, and starts looking into what the initials might mean and who put them there.  She starts to believe they represent the Anti-Hippocrates society, a secret society that had a strong presence during Nazi Germany and performed unethical experiments on living patients.  Her classmates tease her about her suspicions and her professor tells her to stop looking into David's death. But when an anonymous creepy threat is left in her room, she believes even more strongly that this secret society is somehow involved.

Now I may be more paranoid than most people due to the horror movies and true crime shows that I watch, but it seems like even those who aren't paranoid would be more careful in their investigation. Since she doesn't know who may be involved, and the attendants in the lab act suspicious, she may want to be a little more discreet. Also it's not a good idea to go into a deserted lab at night when a few days earlier a psycho chased you around the deserted building.

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