Monday, June 30, 2014

Cheerleader Massacre 2 (2011)

Each summer two schools are chosen for a competition to determine which has the better cheerleaders.  On the way to the camp, the first teams bus is attacked by a little metal flying razor sharp frisbee which eventually kills everyone.  Since there was a breach at a local top secret science lab which deals in mechanics, then I guess we know where they came from, but not who has stolen them or why they're killing cheerleaders.

The other team shows up at camp as expected, except for the lone poor girl on the squad who has to work two jobs and couldn't make the bus with the rich girls. So her friend drives her and decides to hang out, which is pretty weird because usually uninvited and unregistered guests aren't allowed to stay at summer camps.

There are as many coaches as there are cheerleaders, which gets really confusing since they all look the same.  There's also a local news crew, a creepy maintenance man, the camp owner, and a group of guys driving up to camp to party with the girls. And you won't be surprised to find out that the plot of the movie seems to be to show bazooms, although the strange part is that the same background music plays each time it happens. So essentially they get their own theme song.

Technically there are cheerleaders and they are killed so I guess you could say it's a massacre. But it's not your typical slasher since it's different to have futuristic looking little machines flying, jumping, or looking like mechanical spiders.  Watch for the scene with the lone poor girl and her father as they sit on the stairs. In the far shot, the girl looks like she could pass for fourteen, but when they get close up  - whether due to lighting or make up or age - she could pass for his wife.

The resolution at the end isn't worth it.  The killer has a pretty cool outfit, but it's not used anywhere else (there is a chance I got distracted briefly at some point, but no one else remembered seeing the costume either).  

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