Monday, June 2, 2014

Flesh Wounds (2011)

Kevin Sorbo is Lt. Tyler, who leads an elite military unit into the jungle to look for scientists who vanished while working on a top secret government experiment. Isn't that always the way? Tyler is told he must locate the scientists within 24 hours.

A woman (gasp!) is assigned to go with the team. She's included due to her bureaucratic knowledge. After much protest from Lt. Tyler, they all ship out, including the unwanted female.

Once in the jungle, the team bumbles into a confrontation with terrorists and then something in the jungle starts killing members of the team. Weren't they supposed to be an elite squad?  Why are the best teams always so incompetent?

This is pretty much a ripoff of Predator.  There are scenes, characters, and dialogue that parallel that movie.  The creature is at first invisible, can see soldiers via it's heat vision which shows a little blobs of color based on their body temperature and it makes a predator-like sound. Once again, I find myself wishing that the likable Sorbo was in better movies.

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