Sunday, June 15, 2014

Time Guardian (1987)

In the future, killer robots called the Jendiki have attempted to kill the human race, and have almost succeeded,  except for one city that can travel through time. Say what now?  A time traveling city?  That's right - it's the city that travels through time. Hope it doesn't land on the survivors of the human race.

Warriors Ballard and Petra are sent into the past and end up in 1980s Australia, which has to be an abrupt culture shock.  There they just happen to meet up with geologist Annie, who has been harassed by local police.

The future city is protected by a force field that looks like a primitive video game, and the occupants have a plethora of stupid hats. Yup, it isn't the future unless you have stupid hats.

I'm worried about designers of the future because in every future movie, you can always guarantee four things - stupid hats, stupid outfits, stupid dances, and stupid bars.

Well, thankfully there aren't as many stupid hats in Australia, and they try to figure out how to save the humans of the future. But you know the Jendiki aren't going to let that slide because they hate the human race and will soon be trekking through the outback looking for the future warriors. Take that!

It's a silly movie, but what do you expect from a late 80s movie where a city travels through time. It's cool, yet stupid at the same time.

Ridiculous dialogue:

Ballard - I come from the future. From a city that travels in time, and we can chose what time zone we want to appear in. 
Anne - You're right. This is going to be very hard to believe. 
Ballard - Alright then. Forget it. Just take me to town. 

Silly outfits and lots of lights? Yup, it's the future.
High tech outer space city from the future that can
travel through time to...
.... a women in a pickup truck in 1980s Australia.
Carrie Fisher.....??!! No!!!!!!!!
It isn't the future unless you have stupid hats.
Let's not forget the stupid outfits too. 

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