Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Shiver (2008)

Santi and his mom move to a small town in a valley which gets a lot of shade.  The move is recommended by a doctor due to Santi's sensitivity to the sun.  The kids at school think he's strange and call him a vampire.

When neighbor Tito tells the kids at school that he saw something in the woods, they don't believe him.  Schoolmate Jonas bullies Tito into going into the woods to search for the strange creature he saw.  Santi volunteers to go with them. Their search is successful, which is too bad since one of the boys doesn't make it out alive.

A few days later when Santi walks home late from school, he ends up at the scene of another murder.  Since Santi is new in town and strange, the townsfolk and police look at him as a prime suspect.

So we're left with a mystery. What is in the woods? What is on the roof of Santi's house?  Where did this creature come from and why does it kill?  And most importantly, how did it learn to slice the Achilles tendons of it's victims?

There is more tension prior to knowing what is in the woods, because then it's left to your imagination. Once the reveal is made, it's creepy but not very scary. There are some plot points that are easily figured out in advance, but overall it was worth watching.

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