Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wall of Secrets (2003)

Okay, there are tons of crappy independent horror movies that would be cheap to license and slap onto these multi-dvd horror sets.  So why in the hell are they putting dramas/thrillers that are definitely not horror, but only have a tinge of something that could be deadly or supernatural in it?

This one was actually on the Lifetime channel.  When I had the Lifetime channel in my basic cable package, I would gladly watch their movies because I only had twenty channels and it would be something I hadn't seen before. But when Lifetime movies start masquerading as horror, well there's just something wrong with that.

The movie starts and we've got boobs, and then detectives looking at the scene of an apartment fire.  Are these related? Who the hell knows because there was no context and now it's one year later.  You could have left that part out and it never would have mattered. Since this is definitely a tv movie, I guess they just wanted to add some bazooms to the footage to entice people into thinking it's something more it's not.

Newlyweds Paige and Mark move into an apartment, which just happens to be the same apartment where two people died in a fire.  Mark is an up and coming architect, and Paige gave up a potential partnership in a law firm to move with Mark back to his hometown.  She's figuring she'll get a job once they've settled in.

Paige starts hearing strange noises in the apartment at night and voices seemingly coming from in the walls. Her next door neighbor tells her the apartment is cursed and asks Paige how well she knows her husband, and if he has a criminal background. Paige is not amused.

But Paige begins to wonder why her husband seems so irritable when she calls him, won't talk about his father, and seems to be hiding something from her.  Add that to Mark coming home late after the office told Paige he'd left hours earlier, and this is why it's usually not a good idea to marry someone you've only known for nine months.

There are various twists and turns, the best one resulting in Stephen McHattie making an appearance.  The worst is that Mark is played by Dean McDermot, who is the cheating husband of Tori Spelling. This was totally distracting because all I could think of when I saw  him was clips of the Tori/Dean tv show I'd seen on The Soup where they're in counseling talking about his cheating and their sex life. Blecch!  One side note - this reminds me of one of the most ridiculously titled Lifestyle movie ever, which coincidentally starred Tori - Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?

Also was it a plot point that the cripple moved his legs, or just an oversight during filming? He's sitting in a wheelchair, and then both knees move up - like when you flex up onto your toes.  You would think Paige would have noticed, especially since she's a lawyer and would need to be putting this type of stuff together.

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