Monday, June 23, 2014

Created to Kill (1976)

aka Embryo

While driving home on a rainy night, Dr. Paul Holliston hits a dog. In an attempt to save it, the good doctor brings it to his home operating room and removes four fetuses. He is able to keep one little pup fetus alive by injecting growth hormones into it, and remarkably it ages from embryo to adult dog in several days.

Wanting to test his success on a human embryo, he contacts a friend who works in the emergency room, and asks him to keep an eye out for a pregnant woman who has no hope of survival.  Soon there's a fetus is zooming his way.

Once again, the doctor's experiment is successful. But when he wakes up the next day, the baby has aged a year.  No one shall ask why he didn't consider this possibility after the rapid growth of his dog experiment. Damn, if the baby doesn't age at least a year each day until he's got a full grown woman with a dull expression standing in his lab.

Victoria, as he names her, is beautiful and absorbs knowledge extremely quickly.  When he finally introduces her to his family and friends, everyone thinks she's charming. But she can be kind of creepy when Paul isn't around, and she bonds with the dog who has become a snarling beast when Paul isn't looking.  Since she's essentially a science experiment, you know this isn't going to turn out well for  Paul and probably his family too, since they are the only constant characters in the movie.

Based on the pacing, I thought this was actually a TV movie, but about three quarters of the way through there's some brief nudity.  Rock Hudson and Barbara Carrera are the main characters, and they're fine in their roles, but nothing special.  The plot has an emphasis on not tampering in god's domain, as well as the timeless advice don't fall in love with your own science experiment.

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