Saturday, June 7, 2014

Killpoint (1984)

When guns are stolen from an armory, Lt. Wong is assigned to work with an FBI agent played by Richard Roundtree, who doesn't appear much in the film.  Wong spends his days training and trying to track down villain Joe Marx and his number one henchman Nighthawk, who are selling the guns to local gangs.  That's about all there is to this one.

Cameron Mitchell, as Joe Marx, spends the film acting super creepy and crazy.  He wears an ascot, sometimes has daisies in his hair, and spends a lot of time talking to a little dog.  There is a bizarre scene in a diner where Marks keeps asking a waitress to shut up her screaming baby, but the waitress just prattles on and on, ignoring his increasingly crazy mumbling.

Leo Fong's acting leave a lot to be desired.  His diction is extremely stilted and his face doesn't betray any emotion. It's like your neighbors dad had to take over the lead on short notice, and he's not familiar with the script so he has to really concentrate to remember his lines.

This was originally released by Vestron Video, one of my favorite VHS labels because they released a lot of low budget movies with questionable acting, especially in the action and horror genres.

Ridiculous dialogue-
Agent Crawford - Wong? Isn't he the one that uh, his wife was raped and killed awhile back?
Captain Skidmore - That's right.
Agent Crawford - Is he going to be alright?
Captain Skidmore - No, he's not alright. Would you be? But I'll tell you one thing, he's going to get the job done.

Get ready to see this expression a lot.
Your crazy mumbling, flower loving villain.

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