Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Killing Mind (1991)

Isobel, a psychological profiler for the FBI, accepts a new position in the Special Investigative Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department. The SIU's office is in the basement of the LAPD, where all the files are stored for unsolved homicides.  After some sexist remarks and uncomfortable hazing because she's a damn woman, she's told that other than assignments here and there, she can pick her own cases to work on.

As Isobel ponders what case to work on, she stumbles across the files for the Ballerina Murder that occurred twenty years earlier.  She decides to work on this high profile unsolved homicide because as a child was at the crime scene and saw the body of the ballerina draped over the chain link fence.

The guys on the team take awhile to warm up to Isobel. She has an annoying habit of talking aloud whenever she is profiling a victim or killer.  Plus she doesn't know the rules, and is obsessed with the one case everyone tells her to stop investigating.

With the help of well known reporter Thomas Quinn who covered the case for the papers, Isobel feels like she's going to get her man.  She moves into the hotel room the ballerina lived in at at the time of her death to get a feel for the girl.  Creepily enough she also brings all the evidence boxes there, unpacks the victim's belongings, and puts photos of the crime scene and 8x10 glossy of the girl on the walls. Yeah, she's just a bit obsessed. She also starts to develop a personal relationship with Quinn, who becomes her confidant since the gang in SIU are skeptical of her investigation.

This appears to be a TV movie, and while it's okay, it's a fairly standard plot line where a cop is told to drop an old case because it's a waste of time, but keeps pursuing the investigation.  The killer is pretty easy to figure out, and the reporter lives in a cool old fire station in the middle of the city.

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