Monday, June 2, 2014

Buck Wild (2013)

Nice guy Craig organizes a hunting weekend for his buddies Lance and Tom, but also brings along his annoying and possibly psychotic cousin Jerry who talks with a New York accent and threatens anyone who touches his stuff.  On the way to meet  Clyde who owns the Buckwild ranch, they run into resident bad ass Billy Ray and his band of moronic cronies.   Billy Ray talks constantly about being a bad ass, but wears a feather boa and speaks with a slight English accent.

The local game warden breaks up an encounter between Craig  and Billy Ray, and tells Craig to ask Clyde if he's seen any chupacabras lately.  Seems like the whole town is laughing at Clyde since no one actually believes in the chupacabra legend.  But Clyde is not feeling well because he was bitten by one of the creatures the night before, and the creature's bite spreads a virus that turns people into zombies.

Well, that's the basis for the zombie plague that starts spreading through town.  But it takes about half the movie for any zombies to show up, and even then there isn't much zombie action in the film.  The comedy is pretty flat, but towards the middle either I started getting used to it so it wasn't as painful, or the jokes got a little better.  The character of Jerry starts off incredibly annoying, but ends up being the most likable and the most on the ball as far as survival skills and being okay with shooting someone.  Also the chupacabra is hysterical because it looks so ridiculous.

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