Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Among Friends (2012)

A group of friends go to an 80s themed dinner party at a friends house. When they arrive, she lets them know that this is also a murder mystery party. The group splits into teams of two and starts searching for clues in different parts of the house.  Later they gather at the dinner table to display the clues they found.

Things take a weird turn when they discover that they've been drugged and can't move their legs.  After passing out, they wake to find themselves tied to their chairs.

It turns out they are actually horrible friends, since they lie, cheat, steal, and figuratively stab each other in the back. Now someone knows their secrets and is so aghast at how terrible they are, that they only course of action is revenge.

After the initial set up, the characters are tortured physically and psychologically. I don't enjoy torture movies, and the characters are so repulsive that you can't really fault the killer for wanting to make them pay.  So it's not something I particularly liked.  The movie was directed by Danielle Harris, which will be interesting to some horror fans.

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