Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blacklight (1999)

Larry hates psychics. Yet he's married to Sharon, a psychic who helps the police find people who have disappeared and usually end up dead.  After one such search, Larry and Sharon are run off the road after leaving the crime scene, and Sharon loses her eyesight.

When Sharon gets home from the hospital, Inspector Schuman and Detective Howard visit to ask if she can look through some files. Sharon says she's missing her eyes and has lost any clairvoyant ability she had before the accident. Larry smiles evilly to himself at this news.

But when Sharon tries to commit suicide by weighting herself down in the pool, she sees another crime being committed.  She gets a vision of a little girl who is missing, and feels she must help.  Det. Howard hates psychics, but Inspector Schuman is willing to give her a chance.

Dr. Godard, a friend of Larry's, needs his help on a project and offers to put Sharon in a new study where they try to help the blind see.  The research involves transmitting images from a camera into the brain, and bypassing the optic nerve.  Larry dances an imaginary jig as he imagines a sight enabled Sharon who is not a psychic.

But the experimental treatment seems to be helping her regain her gift, and she starts helping Schuman in his investigation of a serial child killer - until he gets Schuman wrist slapped for his unauthorized methods.  At one point Sharon tells him that she can see the killer and he has no distinguishing marks. This proves to be untrue when the killers face is revealed and he has incredibly  huge teeth.

Ridiculous dialogue-

"She's just not motivated to do anything now. She won't even learn to read Braille." - unsympathetic jerk husband Larry, whose newly sightless wife just came home from the hospital

"Larry, that image is coming from inside Sharon's brain." - Dr. Godard

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