Sunday, October 12, 2014

Curse of Chucky (2013)

Wheelchair bound Nika and her downer of a mother live in an isolated mansion. One day an unexpected shipment arrives and inside the box is a Chucky doll.  Since they don't know where it came from, or why it was sent to them, the mother dumps it in the trash can. Not sure why they didn't return it, but there you go.

By the next morning, Mom is dead, the Chucky doll is no longer in the trash, and Nika is dealing with her nasty sister Barb who wants to sell the home and put Nika in assisted living. Basically Barb wants money and Nika is in the way.

Nika offers to make dinner for everyone, which includes Barb, Barb's husband, child and nanny, and the Priest they brought with them.  By this time Barb's child has bonded with the Chucky doll and insists he can help them make dinner.

Nika proves to be a good cook by making a delicious chili, which Barb thought was far beyond her invalid abilities.  The guests devour dinner, which is unfortunate for one unlucky diner since Chucky laced one dish with rat poison.  Wouldn't they be able to taste that? It seems like that would be pretty noticeable.

With Chucky off and running, the deaths start mounting.  There's a number of potential victims in the isolated house for Chucky to kill.  Nika suspects something is going on but of course who's going to believe a hysterical woman screaming about a killer doll.

Chucky looks suitably evil in some of the shots, and Brad Dourif is always creepy and entertaining, so it's good to see him in this film.  His daughter plays Nika.  This is one of the rare sequels that improves upon some of the previous ones.  But in true movie cliche style, when Nika is trying to warn her sister about Chuckie, she just repeatedly shouts to get away from the doll, rather than offering any information as to why it might be a good idea.

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