Friday, October 31, 2014

Manhattan Baby (1982)

An archaeologist explores an Egyptian pyramid that is rumored to be cursed. Soon he's falling into a hidden chamber where his guide is impaled. Feeling thankful to be alive, his luck soon changes when he gets blasted in the eyes with a laser and goes blind.

Meanwhile his wife leaves their daughter alone in a huge courtyard where a creepy blind gypsy magically appears and gives her a cursed medallion.  No one shall ask why kids don't run away from creepy gypsy's and why the parents only brought one of their two children on this fabulous trip to Egypt. Well, it was fabulous before two of the three family members were cursed.

Back in New York, strange things start happening.   A locked room is opened by a coworker who immediately disappears.  The kids bedroom floor is covered with desert sand. Their sons toys appear at the archaeologists workplace, and their son tells them not to be scared when his sister is screaming because that's what she always does when she travels. And most importantly, our archaeologist father is blasted in the eyes with lasers a second time. Hooray!

Strange things happen, curses abound, blindness comes and goes, they search for help based on a polaroid with a name on it, and that damn gypsy keeps giving out amulets to unsuspecting children.  This is a Lucio Fulci film. Although the story starts with the archaeologist father investigating the tomb in Egypt, back in New York everything revolves around the little girls possession by the evil amulet. Theres not a lot of blood, although there is a vicious attack near the end of the movie.  It's fairly slow paced and the parents seem a bit slow on the uptake.  But on the plus side, the father is played by Christopher Connelly, who I like, and the little boy appeared in House by the Cemetery.

As if the bandages weren't hilarious enough....
It's never pleasant when you can see nose hair. 
Get used to a lot of shots like this.

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