Monday, October 6, 2014

Big Ass Spider! (2103)

Alex is an exterminator who ends up in the hospital after being bitten by a spider that was swatted by an overzealous customer.  While he's waiting in line trying to figure out how he's going to pay the emergency room bill, a morgue attendant is brought over for treatment. He claims he was bitten by a large spider that came out of a body bag.

Alex offers to get rid of the spider in exchange for the cost of his bill.  Security guard Jose escorts him down to the morgue where Alex determines the spider has escaped in the vent system.  He enlists Jose to help him navigate through the vents so he can rid the hospital of the spider, which has now grown quite a bit in size.

Meanwhile the military has arrived at the emergent room. The dead body that was received included part of a secret project, aka the spider, and shouldn't have been transported to the hospital due to the risk to the public. They end up in the basement where Jose and Alex have just located the critter. But when the spider disappears down a sewer line, Jose and Alex are led off to be interrogated by the military.  Alex offers to help them, but they don't want any civilians involved in their business. Soon TV news reports show video of a spider bigger than a truck traveling down the alleys in town.

Jose and Alex decide that even though the military doesn't want their help, that they would get lots of publicity if they stop it. They're both hoping Alex may leverage that into a date with Lt. Brant, an attractive woman in uniform who has rebuffed his flirtations.

At first the film seems to be one of those movies that doesn't know how to mix comedy and horror, but as it goes on it gets better and ends up being fun to watch.  There's nothing that scary in it, but it was amusing, and the main characters were likable.

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