Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Chair (2007)

The Chair? Now that's a completely uninteresting title.  Psychology student Danielle moves into a new apartment and strange things start occurring.  She tells her sister she believes the house is haunted, but since she's taking copious amounts of meds, her sister doesn't believe her and fears she's not actually taking her pills.

Danielle has the bright idea to look in the door that goes to a storage area under the eaves.  Strangely enough she never checked this area when she moved in.  Am I the only one that looks through a new place when I move in to see if anything was left behind by the previous tenants?

There are numerous items under the eaves that lead to the discovery that a magician used to live in the house in the early 1900s.  He not only did he do magic, but he experimented on a serial killer strapped in a chair - the same chair mentioned in the title.  And Danielle can learn all about it when she has a CD made from an old wax cylinder and matches it's audio up with an old movie of the actual experiment.  Hurray!

Danielle starts getting all wiggedy-whack, which makes her sister wonder if she's having another episode. Guess it's pointless to tell her Danielle is probably possessed by a child killer circa 1900.  But she'll probably find out soon since Danielle has taken an unnatural interest in a young boy who not only rides his bike up and down the sidewalk, but is also a terrible actor.

When the chair appears in the attic, and Danielle (who bears a resemblance to Nicole Sullivan) gets those crazy eyes, you just know it's trouble for anyone she can get her hands on.  And why would any kid be so stupid as to actually believe being strapped into that chair is a game?

At one point earlier in the film, the chair is seen hovering near the ceiling in the hallway.  This never happens again.  Too bad because I was hoping the chair would be haunted and move on it's own. Instead we get a thesis writing college student with no visible means of support living in a large three story Victorian and the implausible things that happen to her.

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