Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blood Glacier (2013)

Researchers in the middle of nowhere discover that part of the  glacier has turned a color red that resembles blood.  They bring a sample of it back to home base to examine, and discover that it is a new life form which attaches itself to DNA cells of a host and effects change in the host cells.

The group is expecting a visit from some Ministry big wigs.  The only rational member of the team suggests that they warn them not to come since it could be dangerous. There was an attack the previous night that they believe was from a rabid animal, and they don't want to expose their benefactors to this.

The rest of the group is only concerned about showing off their new discovery, which will get them funding and major kudos in the scientific community.  Since there is only one radio and they fear the one naysayer warning their potential visitors, two scientists hike to a supply site to hide the radio. Because what could possibly go wrong and require contact with the outside world?

We soon find out what terror awaits when the guides and Ministry visitors come across a woman running down the mountain in a panic. The group at the top of the mountain keep referring to rabid foxes, when the animals are obviously larger than that.  Things get worse and worse for both groups until most are united in the small base camp and stuck in the cabin with no phone. Aha!

This has similarities to The Thing, with a group isolated and trapped in an ice and snow covered land. The dubbing wasn't the best, but I didn't care since it would either provide some unintentional humor or I'd get used to it (which I did).  Overall I liked it, even though the ending made me go, "you idiots!"

Silly dialogue-

"Stop eating that banana when you're crying."

Researcher 1 - It stinks!
Researcher 2 - That's all you've got to say?
Researcher 1 - It stinks of science history.

Anyone whose seen the Lost Skeleton of Cadavra will feel right at home with that last quote.

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