Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Depraved (2011)

aka Urban Explorer

A group of strangers hires a guide to bring them into the underground tunnels in Berlin, and are the only ones surprised when there turns out to be a creepy serial killer down there.

Guide Kris leads them on a two hour walk deep into the tunnels to find a bunker formerly used by the Nazi's.  On the way back, brainiac Marie blinds Kris with her camera's flash which makes Kris lose his balance, results in a horrible accident ,and made me want to push her down an air shaft.

While Marie and Juna go to get help, Denis and girlfriend Lucia stay with Kris.  Then a strange looking man with huge teeth shows up and offers to help save their friend. Hurray! He quickly gets a stretcher and hauls Kris out of the shaft, asking Denis to help him carry the injured man to safety.  He's got a nice little apartment of sorts, with a stove and fridge, as well as medical supplies. While eating some soup, Denis talks to him and discovers he's a former East German border guard, which means he's seen and done some very sketchy things, including shooting people.

Yup, it's all too easy, especially since there was a previous run in with some thugs.  Let's face it, you're walking through deserted tunnels under a huge city. Surely someone unsavory is going to be living down there. If you're lucky, they'll only be crazy, instead of a psycho killer.  And where the heck are Marie and Juna? Did they get help, run into the thugs, get lost, or meet up with some other trouble? Do we care?

This one doesn't break any new ground.  No one is particularly engaging or obnoxious, (well, not compared to a lot of recent movies). One cliche that drives me nuts is when characters are hiding from a killer, and they talk or whisper while the killer is near.  The killer is somewhere behind them and Lucia falls down a hole. She keeps yelling at Denis not to leave her. Oh my god, shut up!

The best thing about this movie is that a lot of it was actually shot in the underground tunnels of Berlin.

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