Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bled White (2011)

After some undisclosed event, food and gas are scarce and there are zombies running around.  The few people left in town exchange good and services in order to survive, and rely on  regular drop offs of canned food from the government.

The story follows Matt and Ed, who are not guys you'd want to meet, and has titled sequences with other characters who interact with the main characters.  The stories don't follow a linear form, which is confusing at first since the story will cut back to a previous point in the story.

None of the characters are particularly likable, except the girl at the end.  People don't make good decisions and tend not to be as cautious as you would hope, considering there are freakin' zombies all over the place.

I'm always confused when I see films like this with all sorts of award notices on the DVD cover.  How would something like this get any awards?  Was it the best of what was submitted and by default they're the winner?

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