Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stag Night of the Dead (2010)

With a cover like this, I wasn't expected much. Then the opening scene with a girl in a vinyl outfit whipping a naked guy at a stag party seemed to confirm that this would be something I was not going to enjoy.  But oddly enough, once the bachelor party travels to where they're going to spend the night, the film  gets better.

Dean is getting married and his friends have hired a stripper to sleep with him at the bachelor party. Yeah, because all women want to marry a guy who'd cheat on them the night before their wedding.

The party consists of Dean, his future father-in-law, and four friends.  Along with the stripper, they head to an old military base where one of the guys has paid for a night of entertainment, which includes something called Zomball.

The group thinks they're in for a paintball game.  But due to a recent pandemic, people who were infected became zombies. This information was kept our of newscasts and this place is doing business on the down low.

Zomball consists of allowing the group into a fenced off area of the base. Then zombies are released, and the group can shoot them.  The weapons fire laser beams that only stun the zombies for five minutes, and the guns must be recharged.  The group are given rules to follow, but to keep things interesting, the big boss conveniently leaves out some information that will keep them safe.  As in most movies and in life, people don't follow the rules.

After they survive the time limit of the game, the zombies are herded back to their cells and the guys hang out on the base.  Seems odd they'd stay here for the night, but that's what appears to be happening.  It'd be better to go to a hotel.  When the zombies escape their cells, the group need to figure out how to survive and get out of there alive.

Although it's a low budge movie, the acting and camera work are okay. So it's not one of those bottom of the barrel homemade horror movies.  The story veers between an average zombie movie and lame comedy.  A couple of the characters are out of central casting 101, and unlike the cover implies, there's only brief nudity and it's not from the stripper.  The make up on some of the zombies is really good, but on others it's rudimentary.

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