Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Sleeper (2012)

A sorority is throwing a party hoping to get some pledges. They give an invitation to a sweet pretty girl who goes back to the dorm and convinces her goth-like roommate to come with her, not exactly who the girls are trying to attract.

Unknown to the sorority and their pledges, there is a killer stalking them.  Strange phone calls are received, but the house mother thinks it's one of the girls boyfriends. When girls start disappearing, the sorority realizes that there is something more sinister going on.

Unlike Ti West's House of the Devil, which was so well done that at first I was wondering if it actually was filmed in the seventies, this film doesn't work as a period piece.  If I hadn't known this was supposed to be the 1981, I would never have guessed this was supposed to take place in the 80s. The hairstyles, clothing, and dancing don't fit.

I like 80s slashers. While I was disappointed by the overall feel, and it was an average slasher, it did follow a more typical 80s storyline with the random killer whose motivation is in question.

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