Monday, August 11, 2014

Airplane vs. Volcano (2014)

After both pilots die, a passenger plane ends up stuck on auto pilot circling over the ocean where a slew of volcanoes have suddenly arisen and started to spew smoke, ash, and lava.  Passenger Rick says he knows how to fly a plane, which is great, except that no one knows the code to disengage the autopilot.  So Rick randomly yanks on the stick to keep the plane from being hit by bursts of red hot lava.

Meanwhile in the passenger cabin, everyone panics and one pain in the ass causes problems and acts sketchy.  The Air Marshall  handcuffs the troublemaker to a bar in the restroom, where the jerk immediately begins trying to escape.  There is never an explanation as to why he's so nervous, angry, a troublemaker, or why he insists that Rick is going to kill them all. He even tries to force others to open the door and throw Rick off the plane.  I guess the guy's just a dick.

It seems like the writers were desperate for anything to go wrong or ratchet up the tension.  There is a ridiculous scene where the drink cart takes off on it's own, barrels down the aisle to the back of the plane, and bangs into a man's elbow.  The other passengers acts like it took his arm off.  No one shall ask why he didn't move his arm to avoid being hit.

Top volcano expert Lisa has gone to the military base to try to connect with Frank, a scientist on the plane who was going to work with her to study the new volcanoes.  Sergeant Tully insists that the military should try to save the people on the plane, but curmudgeon General Rhyker who doesn't have time for that. He's okay with letting civilians die.

Well, if there's one thing this movie has going for it, the action starts very quickly.  About ten minutes into the film, Lisa knows the volcanoes have erupted, the plane encounters ash and volcanoes poking up out of the ocean, and shortly afterwards the pilots are dead. The cover states this is based on a true story. Perhaps they are taking liberties and mean it's not a good idea to fly near an active volcano.  The film is filled with cliches, and there were times where I would say the dialogue right before a character did.  Also when they tried to shut off the auto pilot by flipping a switch, I joked that they'd just jettisoned their fuel.  Next thing you know, fuel is streaming out of our CGI plane.  Good god, so predictable.

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