Saturday, August 16, 2014

Blast Vegas (2013)

With a name like Blast Vegas, and the wave of destruction behind the two characters on the DVD cover, I expected there would be some sort of huge explosion in this film. But I'm guessing it refers to little nerdy Frankie Muniz having a swell time when he meets a nerdy girl (i.e. pretty girl made to look plain).

The plot involves Nelson (Frankie) and his fraternity pals going to Las Vegas for vacation.  The guys steal an ancient Egyptian relic from the lobby of the hotel, and inadvertently unleash an evil curse on the city.  This involves a large creature a-stompin', sand storms a-blowin', and buildings a-crumblin'.  Lord help us!

Nelson and his friends are safe inside, but he insists on going to the restaurant where he planned to meet Olive on a date.  He's only known her one day, but he's prepared to sacrifice his life, as well as his friends, in order to find her. Lucky for him, lounge singer Sal knows the town like the back of his hand, which includes a series of underground tunnels that go from building to building below the city.

What you've got is another Syfy movie that's fairly generic in plot and execution, but is an okay way to pass the time if you're hanging out with nothing to do.  It wasn't horrible, but it isn't going to reel you in and keep you on the edge of the seat either. The situations and plot are cliche, so anyone who's seen a lot of movies will be able to predict everything that happens.

One thing that's funny is the streets are deserted, yet when they drive down the road, people are constantly running out in front of them. There's one car on the road, yet these people just have to get in front of it.  The best thing about the movie is Barry Bostwick, who plays lounge singer Sal.  Bostwick has had some interesting roles lately, not that this is great, but he's good at hamming it up.

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