Monday, August 18, 2014

The Last Days on Mars (

Hey, it's your last day before going home.  You know what happens when it's your last day on the job?  You die.

On their last day on Mars, the Commander of the multi-country mission calls everyone back to their base to prepare for their six month trip back to Earth.  The Russian cosmonaut, who found a new organism and wants another sample, cons his way outside by telling the Commander that there is a necessary repair to be done.

While attaining another sample, the surface crumbles beneath his feet and he falls into a chasm.  The man with him shouts a mayday to the base, and most of the others arrive to assess the situation.  After deciding to attempt a rescue, the others head back to the base to find it empty, and two sets of footprints heading away.

The two people holding down the base are surprised when shortly afterwards, their two missing crew members reappear. They're even more surprised when the removal of their helmets reveal skulls rather than faces. As if that isn't bad enough, these creatures are in a blood frenzy and communications are down, which will be a problem if the others return and aren't aware that there's something there that's out for blood.  And if they are aware, then how will everyone fight off or subdue whatever is inhabiting the bodies of the crew?

This movie will probably remind you of the Thing, Alien, or many other space movies, but if you can get past that, it's actually pretty well done.

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