Saturday, August 23, 2014

Episode 50 (2011)

A team of paranormal investigators are contacted about visiting a haunted asylum with the purpose to either provide proof of the supernatural, or to debunk the claims of a haunting.   The twist is that they will be competing against another group who want to prove spirits exist, and are biased since they're very religious.

The paranormal research team has a TV show. They've done 49 episodes and have debunked claims at every place they've been.  So they are skeptical and expect a repeat of their previous investigations.  For some reason, they believe this is their big break.  Perhaps their show is just cable access? Don't know whether I drifted off or they never provided info on what level of TV they were on.

Since this is a found footage movie, it's obvious that our skeptical investigators are bound to run into something unexpected and deadly.  As with many point of view/found footage movies, not much happens for the majority of the movie.  There aren't any characters that are particularly appealing and you won't care when something starts making them rue the day they ventured into this place. The acting is very pedestrian and typical of low budget found footage films.

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