Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Frankenstein Theory (2013)

PhD John Venkenheim hires a documentary crew to go on a journey to Alaska with him while he tries to locate the Frankenstein monster.  John believes that he is the descendant of one of the Illuminati, and that his relative was involved in the making of the legendary creature.  He has letters in his possession that parallel the opening of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein novel.  While this has always been portrayed as a work of fiction, John theorizes that this was a ruse and the book depicts a real story.

John, the crew, and a guide head into the Alaskan wilderness based on John's calculations of where the monster would be.  No one shall ask how a man built in the 1800s from human body parts is still walking around.  Anything made from flesh and organs will either age or rot (if sewn together from dead bodies).

This is another one of those found footage movies where instead of a compelling script or story telling, we're stuck watching people talk and waiting for something to happen.  If you're expecting lots of monster, you'll be disappointed.  I wasn't even sure what the monster looked like until I saw the DVD cover. Yup, that seems to be the hulking thing that was in the dark.  

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