Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dire Wolf (2009)

aka Dinowolf

Scientists take marrow from a Dire Wolf fossil and combine it with human DNA, resulting in a creature they keep locked in a tank.  One day the creature escapes (as they do), kills security and night workers, and leaves the building to run through the woods of the small town nearby.  Deaths in the area sky rocket and those who see the creature aren't sure what it is. It has mangy hair, a large rubber mouth, and looks fairly ridiculous.  But it can rip your intestines out so don't make fun of it.

The military sends in two agents who represent themselves as FBI agents to the Sheriff who happens to check in when the night security guard doesn't show up at the local diner for breakfast, which he's done every work day for five years. Meanwhile the game warden, who is the adopted son of the Sheriff, is harassed by local yokels.

This is a Fred Olen Ray film, but doesn't have the charm of some of his older Bmovies. It's similar to something you'd see on the Syfy channel.  It's okay to have on while you're doing laundry, but is a bit boring if you're not doing something else while you watch.  There's never an explanation of how the creature escapes, or why the genetic lab doesn't have better security.  Good god, you've got a huge dire wolf/human hybrid - make sure the damn thing is locked up tight.

I'd never heard of a Dire Wolf, other than the old Grateful Dead song of the same name.  Apparently it's an extinct animal about the size of a gray wolf, but in this case it's bigger than most humans.  The film stars Maxwell Caulfield (Grease 2) and Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers).  When the security guard states a noise was probably a draft, I mistakenly thought he said it was probably a giraffe, which made me wonder why a giraffe was in a genetic research facility. They should have gone with that because it wouldn't be ripping people's throats out.

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