Thursday, August 21, 2014

All Cheerleaders Die (2013)

When snotty cheerleader Alex dies in a cheerleading accident, her friends move on a little too quickly for nerdy Maddy who was filming Alex at the time for a class documentary.  Maddy wants to make a tribute video, but her time interviewing the cheerleaders and football stars lead her to decide to ruin their senior year.

Maddy is able to grab the open cheerleading spot and goes from unpopular nerd to cheerleader overnight.  She ditches her best friend, a goth Wicca (so you know she's not popular), and begins working from the inside to cause trouble between the football team and cheerleaders.  When the football star decides he doesn't like what's happening, things get really messed up and result in a fatal accident.

This starts out slow, but over all is fairly decent. The biggest problem is that there's no way to get past one stupid plot point.  The Wicca girl has a pouch of runes that she carries with her, and the runes end up controlling some teens who are undead.  Yet when the Wicca girl goes to class, she puts the freaking thing in her locker... at school.... which is unlocked.  Seriously?  Why wouldn't you wear it around your neck, or carry it with you? Does your school actually have a rule about not carrying pouches?  If so, don't they let you carry purses or bags?  What the hell were you thinking?

Though there is an ending (rather than one of those crappy movies which say to be continued at the end), the movie is set up for a sequel.

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