Thursday, August 7, 2014

Black Forest (2012)

Tour guide Casmar, who has bed head and may be hopped up on goofballs, leads a tour group into the Black Forest. It's rumored that supernatural things occur here and there may even be some fairies running around.  It is also the area made famous by the Brothers Grimm's fairy tales, which are full of trolls, death, and other things waiting to teach you a lesson or kill you.

After the tourists are led to a rock circle on top of a hill, like a little Stonehenge of sorts, Casmar does a ritual which brings forth a fairy in the center of the circle.  The worst mother in the world steps into the circle when beckoned, even though she's holding her seven month old baby. The child is promptly stolen by the fairy, who disappears into nothingness. Well, I'm sure the baby is better off, even if it's going to be raised by a pack of rabid hedgehogs. Who brings a baby to a magic ritual in the Black Forest?!

Though Casmar has disappeared, this is never mentioned and the group sets off down a path that wasn't there before in hopes of finding the baby.  Instead they find a cabin which they take refuge, and meet a woman who seems willing to help them survive. She is also the spitting image of the dead wife of one of the tourists.

Ah, but we're in a fairy tale, so things are not always as they appear.  This becomes quickly apparent to our mother of the year when she gets put to sleep by an old woman who stabs her ,since she doesn't get the gist of the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty.  Soon fairy tales are coming to life everywhere, and some of the group are quicker to pick up on this than others.

This is a Syfy movie, so that pretty much tells you what you're getting.  One issue with the movie is that the Black Forest, which is the site of all these nightmare fairy tales, is a very cheery sunny place.  There are colorful mushrooms, bright fields, and wandering brooks.  It looks like a very pleasant place.

Also I question why no one notices that every group of tourists that Casmar takes on his Black Forest tour never come back.  Perhaps it's because most of them aren't very likable?

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