Friday, August 15, 2014

Cyber Tracker (1994)

Special Agent Eric Philips has a home security system named Agnes 4000.  Agnes can detect sarcasm, wakes him up in the morning, and even turns the shower on and off.  Philips is a little too friendly with Agnes, but then again, his wife is dead so he's lonely.

Philips has been assigned to protect Senator Dilly, head of Cybercorp and a proponent of the Computerized Judicial System.   Instead of having a trial, the government makes the decision of guilt.  If they believe you're guilty, they dispatch a huge, muscular, human-like cyborg to dispense justice. Justice consists of blowing someones head off.

When anti-Cybercorp freedom fighters, the Union of Human Rights, show up at Dilly's rally with the intent to kill him, Philips spots one of the gunman and stops the assassination attempt.  Dilly thinks this is a-ok, and asks the head of security to test Philips loyalty to see if he's one of them.  Seems like he's already pretty loyal, but Dilly wants Philips to get with the program, which is being willing to murder anyone associated with the freedom fighters.  Security says that's a stupid move since Philips is new to the team, but Dilly wants to dispense with formalities and get right down to the murder test.

When Philips balks, Dilly frames him and a police bulletin goes out just as Philips is heading into the police station to report the murder.  On the run from the law, Philips ends up being captured by the freedom fighters and forced to infiltrate the evil Cybercorp headquarters.  So there you go.

It's a pretty ridiculous movie, but I'm always willing to watch Cyber movies since they tend to predict the future in unintentionally silly ways.  So it's got that going for it, but not much else.
Cyborgs of the future
Glad they have to technology to determine which one is
hostile. I would have gone with the one holding the gun.
Luckily they had an 8x10 glossy of the suspect
Wooden pallets aren't the best protection from gunfire
Why has Cybercorp put their log on the US flag?
You've got some robot on your shirt

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