Saturday, November 1, 2014

Thale (2012)

Leo and Elvis clean up crime scenes after the police are done with them. It's a disgusting job, but somebody's got to do it.  Their newest assignment is to clean up the sight of a suicide.  But as they're ripping out some blood stained wood, they find a secret room which leads to other secret rooms.

Elvis decides to look around, although Leo warns him to wait until they call their boss.  But soon Elvis is opening doors and finds a room with filled with canned food and another room which looks like it may have been used as a lab.  There are jars with strange things suspended in liquid, and a large tub filmed with milky liquid with tubes going into it.

Soon they find a young woman, or at least she appears to be a woman. Elvis starts  playing cassettes found in the lab.  They were made by the man who kept her there and detail an experiment performed, as well as other creatures of her own kind who are trying to find her.  As Leo and Elvis wait for their boss to show up, there are noises outside and someone starts trying to kick down the door to get inside.

This is an odd, atmospheric film.  There's not a lot of action or blood, and at one point I almost considered fast forwarding through part of it.  As with many foreign films (it's Norwegian), the dubbed voices display a lack of emotion and are disgracing. So you'd be better off using the subtitles.

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