Monday, December 8, 2014

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014)

Cabin Fever: Patient Zero is a prequel to the other two Cabin Fever movies, which tells how the flesh eating virus spread to the general population.

Mark's friends decide that it would be a great idea to have his bachelor party on a deserted island the night before his wedding.  So not only does Mark have to worry about getting up on time, and making sure he doesn't puke on his tuxedo, he also has to worry about whether the local who dropped them off on the deserted island remembers to come back and pick them up.

While they asked to be taken to an uninhabited island, the boat brings them to a beach where a large industrial type house can be seen on a bluff at the other end of the island. When they complain that the island isn't deserted as requested, the captain states the people who live in the house are away, so it's like no one lives there. I'm sure they'll be fine. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

The friends set their tents up on the beach, and start getting high while one couple goes snorkeling.  But instead of swimming through beautiful blue waters full of tropical fish, they end up swimming in what is essentially a fish graveyard, where rotting carcasses drift in the current.

The two exit the water quickly but while she's changing, the girl discovers a rash on her arm.  It starts to spread to other parts of her body. As the night progresses, she gets worse and worse.  When her blood starts flowing and her skin starts getting gooey, the guys aren't sure what to do. Their cell phones don't get reception, and the boat won't be back until morning.

Mark and his buddy decide to hike to a higher point on the island to see if they can get cell reception. When that doesn't work, they head towards the house to find a phone.  What they don't realize is that the house contains an underground research facility that is housing test subject Porter, the only survivor of a deadly virus.  He seems to be immune, and the scientists are trying to determine why. The virus is transmitted through bodily fluids, and everyone other than Porter who've been exposed have become infected and died.

I liked the first Cabin Fever movie, and the second was okay. The third is pretty average and I'd pick the other two over this one.  This one starts off as a mess since we're not informed who Porter is or what's going on. Then there's a sudden jump to Mark and the pre-wedding dinner. It's an average movie with characters that you don't really care about, and you'd think the scientists would have been more careful.  One thing going for this is the special effects are pretty disgusting.

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