Monday, December 22, 2014

P2 (2007)

In a basic plot along the lines of Die Hard (trapped in a building on Christmas Eve with someone holding you captive/murdering people), Angela unexpectedly has to work late. By the time she's ready to leave, only security is left in the office building.

When her car won't start, she goes to the security office in the parking garage. and asks guard Thomas for help.  He is unsuccessful in charging her battery, so she heads upstairs to wait for a cab.  But when it arrives, she discovers the buildings doors  are locked and she can't get out.

Going back down into the garage, she is chloroformed by Thomas and awakens chained to a table and wearing a gown. Meanwhile Thomas is heating up a Christmas Eve dinner for them to share, and acts like they're on a date.  She tries to convince him to let her go because she has plans with her family. But Thomas is a creepy psycho stalker so instead of releasing her, he makes her call to let her sister know she won't be attending because she's ill.

The rest of the movie follows the standard formula - try to escape, get caught, finally escape, get caught, try again, get chased and later caught, etc.

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