Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Demon of the Paradise (1987)

Illegal dynamite fishing awakens a reptile monster man who begins eating people.  The local resort is afraid of losing tourist dollars and doesn't mention this potential consequence of staying at their hotel.  Typical, since we all know seaside resorts regularly risk the lives of unsuspecting patrons because it would cost money to warn tourists of the potential of impending doom.

There is a super creepy reporter who wants his story and isn't going to be scared off by any damn monster.  A herpetologist who is researching the legend of the monster and wants to discover this new species.  The hideous resort owner who promotes her business by using the creature as a tourist attraction and even has a monster egg hunt on the hotel grounds.  Superstitious natives who try to soothe the creature with their tribal dances and lei's. Needless to say it doesn't turn out well. for anyone  There's also the Sheriff and Army who run away in the face of danger.

The concept is better than the actual movie, which is slow moving and not that interesting - a lot like the creature.

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