Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Santa's Slay (2005)

When an angel beats one of Satan's minions in a curling contest, the demon is forced to be a jolly Santa for 1000 years.  Now that the bet is complete, the demon has come to Hell Township for revenge.

High school student Nicholas Yuleson works in a deli and his grandfather is the towns resident weirdo.  When Nick goes home for the night, he discovers his grandfather has a bunker in the basement and an old book which tells the story of Santa's bet with the angel.  Nick starts to think perhaps there's some truth to the rumors about his grandfathers sanity, but doesn't ponder how grandpa installed a bunker without him noticing.

Meanwhile Santa is roaming through town killing at will and Nick has decided to buy some gum.  While at the gas station, he hears the police scanner squawk that the deli has been hit by vandals.

Nick arrives before the police and discovers his boss at the point of death, who revives long enough to mutter that Santa is responsible. Nick suddenly there might be something to the stories his grandfather's been telling. But since he's found at a crime scene and has been touching everything - including the murder weapon - the police bring him to the station.

After being questioned, Mac gives Nick a ride home and the two cross paths with Santa who is looking for the damn angel who started all this crap with that stupid bet.  Now Mac, Nick, and grandpa must band together to stop the evil Santa from killing everyone in town.

I saw this movie years ago and found it annoying.  But a friend of mine swears by it and watches it every year so I decided to give it another chance.  I can see why I was annoyed by it, since it's got humor that would probably be best enjoyed by teenagers.  But the movie was okay.  Goldberg is massive and the hell deer that pulls his slay is an actual buffalo.  It's a movie in the vein of Silent Night Deadly Night 1 and 2. I prefer those over this one, but it you are in the mood for stupid jokes and a killer Santa, this might fit the bill.

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