Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Silent Night (2012)

The worst cop in the world - other than Don Knotts as the Shakiest Gun in the West, - bumbles around trying to catch a killer and annoys the heck out of the viewer in the progress.

Officer Aubrey's tiny town is having their annual Santa Parade - wouldn't the multitude of Santas confuse the kids? But a serial killer in a Santa suit is eliminating everyone be believes has been naughty.  The film is very heavy handed since the people killed are so awful that you really don't care they're dead.

Officer Aubrey is working the case, but she keeps coming up with wrong ideas, such as, "They opened the motel room door so they must have known the killer."  Well it's one possibility, but quite honestly they're making a film in the hotel room. So it may not be that unusual for someone to come to the door.  Maybe they were expecting an actor, crew member, or a pizza delivery.  And let's face it, some people just aren't cautious about opening their door to strangers.

The pile of corpses is growing but Sheriff Cooper doesn't want to call for help.  Due to the large herds of Santas roaming the streets, it's not going to be easy to locate a killer dressed as St. Nick.  Just look for the Santa with the flamethrower and sunglasses, and get out of his way.

While this is okay for Christmas horror, it doesn't really have any charm.  Officer Aubrey was so annoying, I just wanted to smack her.  The best part was probably Malcolm McDowell as Sheriff Cooper since McDowell is usually interesting.

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