Tuesday, December 9, 2014

One Hell of a Christmas (2002)

Getting desperate to find Christmas horror movies I've never seen, I decided to track down One Hell of a Christmas.  The make up on the cover didn't give me much hope, but I figured what the heck.

Carlitos is released from prison after spending two years behind bars. He wants to see his son and be the best Dad ever.  His friend Mike is supposed to give him a ride, but never shows up.

Mike is a crappy friend.  He likes drugs and scamming people.  So he's not a great person to hang out with when you're an ex-con trying to get on the right path in life.  Get a clue, Carlitos.

Mike ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time when a mystery man shows up while Mike's at his drug dealers home.  The guy is there to reclaim the the magic claw stolen from him and sold to the dealer.  Everyone ends up dead, except  Mike who manages to snag the claw and run away before the killer finds him.  Yeah.... Mike's not too bright.

While hiding from another dealer whom he owes money, Mike finds out that the claw can produce a  black charcoal-like powder. Mike's such a junkie that he snorts it, which gives him a new high and powers he couldn't imagine.  Mike decides to share this gift with Carlitos, who despite his insistence that he wants to go straight, needs very little prodding to snort the charcoal and hire a hooker. This is the start of things going horribly wrong for Carlitos, and eventually results in a spirit animating a dead girl, a stuffed bear, a cowboy on a movie poster, and a windup Santa. So get ready for Carlitos to have some really stupid fights.

There's not much good you can say about this one.  It's not very good. The makeup is basically what you see on the cover, there's not a whole heck of Christmas in the movie, and the characters aren't likable. Watch this if you're trying to watch any Christmas horror themed movie that you haven't seen. Otherwise you can skip it.

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