Saturday, December 20, 2014

Shredder (2003)

A group of college kids head to the mountains for a weekend trip to a ski lodge where they plan to totally shred. Oh yeah, these kids are awesome snowboarders and they just like to have fun. They ain't hurtin' no one.

When they stop at a gas station, the girls meet Cristof.  Kimberly invites him to joint them at the lodge. Because what girl wouldn't invite a hunky European charmer she's just met to spend the weekend at an isolated mountain?  Well, usually not a girl traveling with her boyfriend.  Poor Cole is not amused at this turn of events since he expected a romantic weekend with Kimberly and he's already giving a ride to five or six other people she invited. Kimberly is a terrible girlfriend.

When they arrive at the lodge, they find that rich obnoxious Kimberly has mislead them. The lodge is abandoned and they need to break the chain on the fence in order to get in.  The shredders (as one kid refers to himself) begin shredding down the mountain, and have a great time until the Sheriff shows saying he's going to run them in for trespassing.   Not only is the place dangerous because it's been abandoned, but what with the murders it's not a good idea to stay there. Say what now?

After the girls flirt with the idiot Sheriff and Cole bribes the man to leave, Kimberly tells them the story of a little girl who was murdered at the lodge by snowboarders. Well, they didn't actually kill her, but crowded her on the slopes while taunting her, and she went off the trail.  Cristof seems to know more details than a stranger from Europe should know, and the gang wonders if they should stay at some place with a murderer on the loose.  A beer run results in all the locals giving the kids the stink eye, and the bartender warns them not to go to the mountain because everyone in town hates snowboarders. Okay gang, back to the party!

Soon a killer dressed in black is orchestrating their deaths, and a local snow bunny is skiing on the slopes and getting friendly with one of the group, much to the chagrin of her father.  Since another snowboarder that Kimberly invited for the weekend didn't show up, she's decided to pursue Cristof, and poor dumb Cole doesn't know what's going on right in front of his eyes.  Oh no, who could the killer be?

There's nothing special about this one, but it's an okay way to kill some time.

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