Sunday, December 21, 2014

Don't Blink (2014)

A group of friends go to an isolated lodge for the weekend. When they arrive, there is no one there.  The door is unlocked, there is half eaten food on the tables, make up on the bathroom counter, but no one to be found. It looks like everyone must have left in a hurry.

The group splits up to search the property in the hope of finding someone who will let them know what is going on.  While looking around, they realize that it is extremely quiet even for a remote mountain.  This is because the area is void of birds, wildlife, and insects.

When members of their group start disappearing, there is a disagreement about whether to leave or stay the night.  Due to lack of gas for the return trip (well that was some crappy planning), and not wanting to leave their missing loved ones behind, the group locks themselves in the lodge and waits for morning. But this doesn't prove to be an adequate defense against whatever is happening because before they know it someone else has disappeared.

This has an interesting premise, but the film ends without any explanation, which could either be frustrating or spark a great deal of pondering what happened, depending on where your thought process lies.  I'm sure I've seen too many horror movies, but I'd have been desperately searching for the key to the gas tank at the lodge (a car was there with a hose already in his tank - wouldn't they have already had the key for the gas?). There's no way I would have stayed there because the situation is super creepy.  At the very least, let the people who want to leave go for help and the rest can stay and look for their friends.

I am not a fan of Brian Austin Green. He wasn't bad, but I just don't like him. All I can think when I see him is stupid old, annoying David Silver, the Vanilla Ice of 90210.  Nope, just can't get past it.

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