Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Candy Stripers (2006)

When football star Jack ends up in the hospital with a broken leg, he realizes that something strange is going on with the Candy Stripers.  His buddy Joey, who is in the next bed, has insane teenage bravado which makes him believer he can score with the hot Candy Stripers. Joey's sister Tammy, a tomboy type with a raging crush on Jack, agrees that the Candy Stripers are acting really weird. Jack's girlfriend doesn't care what's going on because she wants to get out of the icky hospital and is annoyed by how Jack's injury will affect her.

Jack's suspicions are correct because the Candy Stripers have been taken over by aliens.... disgusting aliens who wiggle down your throat if your mouth gets to close to someone who's infected.  As more and more hospital staff become aliens, the building goes into quarantine due to the unknown sickness.  Jack and his friends must try to escape before they become victims too.

While not the worst movie in the world, the premise is ridiculous.  What the hell is wrong with the nurses?  Oh I'm dying and I want my mother, so kiss me?  I can see holding hands and comforting an ill teen. But kissing them? What the hell?  And a candy stripers initiation which involves kissing the other candy stripers? And the girls are fine with this? Come one.  That's just some stupid male fantasy.

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