Monday, March 2, 2015

Idol of Evil: Hell is Forever (2011)

After his hijinks get him suspended, David is approached by two priests who want his help locating his former friend, Professor Kixley, who has disappeared.  The Professor disappeared while he was searching for the eye of Kali.

Since David is a published author in mythology, he's familiar with the eye and knows that when combined with the sacred skull, whoever controls it can use it to possess their enemies power. Thankfully none of these people have much power to begin with, and aren't that much of a threat.

Satanists are believed responsible for the kidnapping and for the plot to join the eye and skull. So David and Kixley's assistant set out to track down the Professor and see if they can stop the evil doers from gaining the means to the power and destroying the world... or at least taking over a corner in the city or something.

Luckily the evil Satanists tools of destruction turn out to be a cheap gem and a plastic skull, due to the low budget of this film.

This movie is a pretty dull and the special effects are pretty rudimentary.

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