Monday, March 9, 2015

Raving Maniacs (2004)

Tuesday, her boyfriend TJ, her friend Katie and Katies younger brother drive to swinging downtown Providence, RI to go to a rave.  On the way, they almost run over a guy standing in the street. When he gets in their car without an invitation, TJ wants to throw him out. But Tuesday insists they give him a ride, even though every one is uncomfortable with this weirdo in their midst.

When they park the car, he's gone. But on the ground, they find four capsules in plastic bag. The girls assume the stranger left them drugs to thank them for the ride. Yeah, no one ever said these kids were bright.  No one shall ask why they ingest the capsules since they are filled with glow in the dark liquid, are the size of suppositories, and no one has a freakin' clue what they actually are.

The mystery drug is going around the rave, and everyone who can get their hands on it is gulping it down.  So when things start to go horribly wrong, it's not a surprise - except to the viewer because it takes an hour for anything to happen other than bad dialogue, flashing lights, makeup, and dancing.

The description on the DVD stated "...the reckless kids become part of an alien plot to distribute some strange drugs."  But I never would have known this movie had anything to do with aliens without this sentence.  You'll end up with more questions than answers.  Why is there no mention of aliens in the movie?  Why isn't there an alien in the film?  Is this really the beset level of distribution they could think of?  Why does the drug change some people into zombies, while others die or hallucinate before doing crazy things?  If these are aliens, then how come they don't have a better idea on how to harvest their eggs? They can travel to another planet, but have to get kids to ingest these large capsules in order to complete their mission? Was the girl at at the end supposed to sing off key? And couldn't they have picked a better public domain song to use?

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