Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Death Factory (2002)

When someones parents unexpectedly stay home on the night of a party to celebrate the end of the semester, a small group of super old college students decide to move the party to the abandoned chemical factory at the edge of town. Because nothing says party like remnants of toxic chemicals and dirt covered rooms full of useless and broken items.

The group arrives at the factory dressed to party. One woman even wears a tight white dress, as if she was going out to a nightclub. So she's expecting the abandoned building to be clean?  Based on the few things they bring to the party, it's going to be really lame.  And while they refer to this building as a factory, it looks more like a Halloween Haunt that's shut down for the season.  There's lots of plywood and passageways with no drywall.

Inside they search for a good room to use as party central. But all the rooms are dirty and most don't have any furniture. When they get tired of wandering, they stop in one of the filthy rooms and set up the boom box.  

Later they discover a room with a fancy four poster bed sporting clean sheets.  One couple decides to make good use of that, while another settles down in a room with the dirty couch.  No one shall ask why people in horror movies are never concerned about the filth, dirt, debris, and possibility of insects or bodily fluids on these abandoned couches or bedding.

Legend has it that when the chemical factory was operating, one of the workers went crazy after there was a chemical spill.  No one is concerned enough to leave, although the girls worry that there may be weirdos wandering around in the factory.  They'd be smarter if they worried about the toxic chemicals that may be in the building, and seeping into their pores.

Since the movie starts with a couple of murders in the factory, we already know there is a killer on the loose. The monster is interesting, but not threatening.  It's a girl with metal teeth, ripped clothing, a face of clown white, and metal fingernails attached to what resembles wire coat hangers going down her arms to the elbow.  Not so scary. This creature will leave you questioning what sort of chemicals would make someones teeth turn into metal and pointy.

Watch for the scene where two of the women get into a fight in the basement while searching for a door or tunnel out. As they tussle with each other, they bang into the set wall in the back, which ends up falling over and bonking them on the heads.

Channeling the daughter from American Dad
Best thing to wear to an abandoned chemical factory?
A short tight white dress 
Rabid Clown?
The fabulous decor of the abandoned factory
Death is so ridiculous
The weird wires on her arms are interesting, not scary
Continuity police - he has a smear of blood on his head and his
hand is stained red from blood, but they haven't found the body yet
Two women near the wall in the top photo. In the bottom, they've
moved into the foreground and the set has fallen down onto them.
Note how close the blue blanket hanging off the
wall is in the second frame.

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