Monday, March 16, 2015

Dead Country (2008)

After his space ship explodes over the town of Romero, a large alien wanders around the countryside while wearing camouflage pants and wondering where everyone has gone.

Meanwhile in a nearby location, kids make out in the woods. Other kids drink and smoke in a car. And it seems that no matter what time or place, almost every woman in the movie has been caught unawares while wearing either her underwear, a bikini, or lingerie.

There's no real plot and nothing much happens.  The alien wanders around talking to himself, and no one else really has anything important to say.  The sound isn't great, there's random scenes with a chubby karate master killing zombies, and randomly the picture suddenly changes to imitate old drive in movies by replicating scratches on film.

The sound track is the 2008 equivalent of a 1980s Casio keyboard.  The zombie make up is really basic - painted green faces or clown white.  A few times during the film, there is text laid over the screen, with lines out of a bad comedy. This is not good.

I thought they were in an Italian restaurant, not a spaceship.
The best effect you'll see in the movie
Typical of the effects you'll see in the movie
Um... it's a zombie?
Somehow he misses the non-threatening zombie in a hoodie.
Random change to old film feel
Why are these corny jokes interspersed through the movie?
Zombies? They are literally a death metal band
This is an alien.
There's too much face in this shot.
Uncomfortable Morrissey zombie

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